01 Chatkharay!: Gole Guppay!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Gole Guppay!


White flour (maida) 1 cup
Sujji (semolina) 1/2 cup
Salt 1 pinch

For Pani:

Red chili powder to taste.
Zeera 1 heaped tsp
Nosader 1/4 tp
Salt to taste
Black salt (kala namak) 1 pinch
Water 2 glass
Ginger paste 1/2” piece
Tamarind paste 1 tbs
Ajwain 1/2 tsp

Optional for Pani:

Fresh mint leaves 1/2 bunch
Green chillies 1-2 (to taste)


Mix the white flour and sujji and kneed into a hard dough. Roll into a VERY thin sheet and cut into 2” diameter circles with a biscuit cutter. Deep fry until golden.

Grind all the ingredients for the pani together and strain. Keep the liquid that strains through.

You can either have this dish plain or you can boil some chickpeas and potatoes and stuff them into the Gol Guppa.

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